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In the role of Mobility Matters Negotiation and Cost Control Manager, you will monitor, and track expenses associated with Mobility Matters, ensuring traceability, accountability, and budgetary control. In addition, you will be responsible for facilitating and negotiating Property Access in support of the construction schedule requirements.


  • Initiate contact through correspondence, with all property owners located throughout the entire 18-km Hurontario LRT project corridor.
  • Maintain log and track correspondence, negotiations, outcomes, and other related details.
  • Initiate contact with stakeholders and engage in follow-up property access negotiations from the onset, with concerted efforts to convince and show the stakeholders the benefits of supporting the HurLRT project.
  • Evaluate construction property access needs and proactively engage the impacted stakeholders in a persuasive and collaborative manner.
  • Coordinate with Mobility Matters & Construction teams to develop strategic roadmaps that guide long-term Mobility Matters cost savings strategies.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with key construction disciplines including Traffic, Utilities, Roadworks, Trackwork, and Communication team, with the view of evaluating the short and long-term lane and property access requirements.
  • Manage stakeholders’ expectations, with the view of ensuring that the stakeholders are assuaged and the current levels of complaints from third-party stakeholders are minimized.
  • Proactively engage with local businesses to discuss potential impacts of construction and seek their buy-in in proposals to minimize disruptions to their businesses.
  • Collaborate with Area Leads, Superintendents, and field Managers, in identifying and eliminating property access constraints and possible disruptions to work execution.
  • Monitor daily the lane closures throughout the entire project corridor, identifying the segments and blocks within the corridor in which closed lanes are being underutilized or devoid of construction activities.
  • Liaise, collaborate with, and advise the Area Leads on re-opening of inactive closed lanes, with the view of having them dismantled.
  • Facilitate, organize, and conduct the dismantling of closed lanes, whose continuous closures are no longer required, as determined by the Mobility Matters Manager.
  • Provide a daily record of closed lanes within each block across the entire 18-km project corridor keeping the area leads in view.
  • Monitor and analyze lane closure costs and advise on cost reduction strategies.
  • Prepare weekly reports and cost summaries for Mobility Matters Manager’s review.
  • Maintain a site daily lane closure monitoring and tracking log, capturing, date, time of visit, photos, and video clips, if applicable.
  • Maintain budgetary control, by tracking lane closure and property access requests and costs.
  • Provide support and assist the Communication team with the procurement of Property Access Closure Agreements necessary for the implementation of Driveways Closures and Doorway Closures.
  • Attend and provide input at Mobility Matters Review Meetings.
  • Acts as a leader by adhering to and promoting plans, policies, and procedures relating to Health and Safety.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with the client (Mobilinx) and other project departments.
  • Assist the Mobility Matters Manager, other Project Managers, and the project’s upper management in the project development.


  • A degree of Bachelor in a business-related field of study, with a minimum of 10 years experience in commercial and highly charged client-facing settings.
  • Intermediate level of computer applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Geographical Information System (GSI).
  • Awareness of Ontario’s Occupational and Health and Safety legislation and knowledge of basic Health and Safety Protocols will be an advantage.
  • Articulate, with fluency in oral and written English Language.


  • Must have tack and diplomacy, with the view of swaying incalcitrant stakeholders to see win-win situations and the need to support the project.
  • Ability to troubleshoot on the spot, and proffer solutions/workarounds when dealing with stakeholders.
  • Able to think critically and work in a rapidly evolving environment.
  • Manage responsibilities, prioritize, and multi-task as and when required.
  • Must possess a clean Ontario Driver’s License.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and work to deadlines.
  • Ability to build relationships and work effectively with a team.

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